Grill Cleaning Instruction

We always get questions about the best way to clean Wilmington Grills. Over time, all grills build up dust, grease, and grime. Here are our recommended steps to keep your grill looking like new. 

Before cleaning, turn off and remove the fuel supply from the grill. 

We highly recommend wearing rubber gloves and a face shield or protective eyewear. This job can be messy, so we also recommend wearing old clothes. Move the grill away from your deck, patio, or other visible surface. Cleaning will cause a mess and may damage those surfaces. Be sure to protect any surrounding vegetation. 

Removing the grease and grime Recommended: 3-4 cans of oven cleaner (not grill cleaner) 

  1. Remove the cooking grate and drip pan and set aside. Follow the oven cleaner’s directions for how to apply the cleaner. Spray the grill body inside and outside and let stand for 10 minutes. Rinse the grill body with a water hose, sprayer, or pressure washer. If using a pressure washer, do not directly hit the thermometer, valves, or igniters with the spray. Your grill may require multiple rinses to remove all of the cleaner from the surfaces of your grill. 
  2. Follow the same process for cleaning the cooking grate and drip pan. Be sure to rinse well and remove all of the oven cleaners from the grill surfaces.

Next step: Cleaning and polishing the grill body is recommended: 

We suggest Bar Keepers Friend for copper and stainless steel 

  1. Follow the instructions on the Bar Keepers Friend to clean the grill body and remove stains. 
  2. Rinse all of the cleaners from the grill body. 
  3. Fire up the grill and enjoy!

Happy Grill’in