Why Purchase Sustainability

When we are shopping for a grill some of us begin by visiting a big box store and purchasing the upgrade from two seasons ago.  You know, like the one we just had picked up and carried away because it only lasted two summers. We have this grill shopping ritual most likely because it’s what our parents did so that’s what we do too.  However, many things have changed since our parents shopped for and disposed of grills.  Today it is a daunting task to “get rid” of a grill you are no longer using.  Let’s look at what the experts tell us as to what has to be done to dispose of a home grill.

According to the gadget review here are the steps that have to be taken to recycle a grill.

Clean your grill grate, cooking surface, and ash pan, and if your grill has one, the greased pan so that you’re not disposing of anything with excess ash, grease, or carbon.

If you have a propane grill, your first step is to remove the propane tank from the rest of the grill. This should just be a matter of taking it off just as you would refill or replace it. Empty propane tanks can still be highly flammable and should not go into the regular garbage. Instead, schedule a pickup from a local recycling center that takes them, or bring them to a junkyard that handles them.

Using your screwdriver where necessary, dismantle the grill and separate the parts into different piles: one for metal and one for plastic parts. This will make it easier to estimate their worth when you scrap them.

Separate the metal parts further by metal type. The visible surfaces of most grills, especially gas grills, will be stainless steel, while knobs and regulators are generally brass. Grill chambers are usually cast pot metal, zinc, or aluminum. Any other part will probably be either a mixed steel or tin alloy.

Any parts you don’t scrap should be recycled. If you have curbside recycling, you can leave those parts with your garbage, though separated. Otherwise, you’ll have to take them to a recycling center yourself. If there isn’t one locally available, your last option is to contact your garbage collection company and notify them that you’ll be leaving them potentially hazardous materials.

Take all of the scrappable pieces to your local scrap metal center or to a recycling center that buys scrap metal.

Are you tired yet?  Long gone are the days of our parents when they dragged the grill to the curb and like magic they disappeared. As you can see it is a lot of work and effort to properly recycle.  

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So when it comes to making the decision to purchase a grill we challenge you to consider all of the facts and make the best decision for you and our planet.  If you have questions, we have answers. Let us know how we can assist you.