No Power? Fire up the Grill!

The dreaded hurricane season is upon us here on the eastern coast, and NOAA tells us to be prepared for possible hurricanes and tropical storms through November 30th of each year.  While our friends out west and to the north of us may be experiencing snow already.  But no matter the weather, we are all susceptible to losing power. 

When we hear a storm of any type is on the way we all know to stock water, food, flashlights, and general supplies. But don’t forget to prepare your grill as it can be our biggest asset when the power is off. 

To see us through the storm, let’s look at the steps we should take to prepare our grills.

Clean out any debris

Begin by cleaning out any debris inside the grill.  Leaves and other foliage can get trapped inside. Use a cleaning tool and make sure the grates are nice and clean as well.

Check burners

While cleaning the grill check the burners to make sure they are clean and in proper working condition. 

Check the flame tray

Examine the flame tray to make sure it is clean and in proper placement.  

Check the ignitor

After confirming the grill is clean and all parts are in good working condition you should lite the grill.  If the ignitor is functioning properly you should be in good shape. 

Keep the grill lit

To be on the safe side keep the grill lit for 5-10 minutes just to make sure you are ready for the storm.

Fill your propane tank

Make sure your propane tank is full and if possible purchase an extra tank.

Secure your grill 

Your grill is ready for the storm now your last task is to secure it somewhere safe during the storm.

As you went through all these steps you may have noticed something on your grill wasn’t functioning properly.  If so, you may need replacement parts. Reach out to your local dealer or give us a call ​​at (910) 793-1345. We are here to help!

Happy Grill’in