Where to Place Your Gas Grill to Make it Last

There is nothing like a relaxing evening in your own backyard grilling up something fabulous for your friends and family. You are in your element and excited to present your grilling masterpiece for all to enjoy. Everyone tells you how incredible the meal was and you have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. As the evening winds down you are already thinking about what you would like to grill up next.

When you are ready to use the grill again you will be counting on the grill to be in tip-top shape. To avoid grill damage you should consider the placement of your grill. As a rule of thumb, you should always place your grill where you can look up and see the sky.

Let’s examine these 3 key top placement concerns.

Under Trees: You would think placing your grill under a nice shade tree would be perfect. But tree sap has to be taken into consideration. Trees absorb and disperse material found in their environment. Therefore tree sap can contain salt and chlorinate and both can cause damage to the grill’s surface and tree sap can be incredibly difficult to remove.

The Lawn: Unfortunately, placing your grill on grass is not the place for your stainless steel grill either. There is a very important element called chromium in stainless steel that prevents corrosion. But lawn chemicals contain high levels of chlorides and when stainless is exposed to chlorides the chromium in the stainless dissolves. This process allows the iron in the stainless to react with oxygen to form rust and no one wants their grill to rust.

Near the Pool: So if you are fortunate enough to have a pool in your backyard don’t consider placing your grill close to it. Whether your pool contains chlorine or is salt-based, pool chemicals react with the stainless steel in the same way lawn chemicals do. The pool vapors alone can cause the chromium in stainless to dissolve and can result in rust damage to your grill. However, experts tell us that It’s okay to put a stainless grill near your pool for a party; just don’t leave it there. Store it where it’s at least 25 feet from the pool.

Safety First:

When choosing placement for your grill safety should be your first concern. Keep these tips in mind.

  • Keep the grill out of the direct wind
  • Always keep the grill at least 10 feet from your home or structure.
  • Grill in well-ventilated spaces
  • Never use a gas grill indoors, in the garage, or in enclosed spaces

Have other questions or concerns about your gas grill? Send us an email at info@wilmingtongrill.com we are here to help.

Happy Grill’in !