Wilmington Grill Versatility

You may only be a weekend warrior griller but your friends and family will think you have a culinary degree when they experience the mouth-watering delights that are cooked on your Wilmington Grill. They will also assume you have a fleet of grills in your backyard when in reality all your delicious meats are cooked on one Wilmington Grill.


Let’s talk heat

The temperature range on a Wilmington Grill is 275-550 plus.  With this wide range, you can cook low and slow or sear it and go. The lower temperatures allow delicate meat-like fish to remain flaky and tender.  While the high temperature is perfect for durable meats like steak. You can turn up the heat and hear the sizzle as you lay your juicy cut of beef on the hot grate.  


No need for a smoker

No need to purchase a separate smoker if you own a Wilmington Grill. The wood chips can be used right along with the low-temperature option to create the perfect environment to smoke any meat. And for those that like to use full logs for smoking, we offer a Wilmington Grill Smoke Kit that works with the Classic, Deluxe, and 30″ Drop In grills.  We also have a 42″ version for use with the Master and 42″ Drop In grills..


Unique design

Wilmington Grills comes equipped with a Flame Inhibitor Tray that sits right above the burners. This tray serves multiple functions.  It protects the meat from being charred from a direct flame and it allows the heat to circulate creating a rotisserie effect.


Another useful added feature on the Wilmington Grill Flame inhibitor Tray is the Drip Tube and pail. These serve two purposes.  One is to catch and release the grease and drippings. Or you can shut off the drip tube and fill the tray with wine, water, or other liquids to add a moist cooking environment.  This technique works perfectly with large hardy meats like turkeys.  


It all comes down to quality and versatility.  Wilmington Grills are reliable and offer so much more than other grills on the market. Have questions, Call or email us today, and we will be glad to give you answers.  Learn more about our products and where to purchase by visiting us at https://www.wilmingtongrill.com/dealer-locator/