Every Grill Has A Story:

“One grill, two floods”

We love it when Wilmington Grill owners share their testimonials with us. But this story really got our attention. Let’s meet the Johnson family from Southeastern North Carolina.

Back in 2006, the Johnsons went shopping with the goal of purchasing a gas grill that would meet the needs of their growing family. Much like any family, they took into consideration price, quality, size, features, and most of all durability. They checked out the inventory in the big box stores, then stopped by a business that carried the Wilmington Grill product line. After comparing the Wilmington Grill to the big box front runners, they felt confident in their choice to purchase a Wilmington Grill Classic.

The family was well pleased with their purchase. The grill was all that it claimed to be and more. Over the years the Johnsons enjoyed grilling their favorite foods, such as marinated flank steak and Boston butt. They liked their grill so much that they added a side burner accessory that allowed them to cook other favorites like collards, boiled peanuts, and low country boils. The Wilmington Grill became a part of their family traditions.

Let’s fast forward to October 2016 when Southeastern North Carolina was warned that Hurricane Matthew was headed for their coast. The Johnson family lived an hour inlet from the coast but in close proximity to the Black River. When Hurricane Matthew made landfall, the banks of the Black River gave way and the Johnson’s home was flooded. The Johnsons tell us that over 4 ft of water stood in every room of the home. When the water receded from their property they were only able to salvage one bag of personal belongings and their Wilmington Grill. To everyone’s surprise, the grill was without rust and in good working condition.

The Johnsons rolled up their sleeves and began rebuilding their lives and their home. I bet you think this is where the story ends for this family. Unfortunately, there is more to come. It’s now September of 2018, just months after a total renovation of their home was completed. The coast of North Carolina is again the target of a major hurricane. This time Hurricane Florence was predicted to make landfall as a category 5 storm. The Johnson family knew the history of the river and braced themselves for the worst. They packed up as much as they could from their home and fled to safety.

After the storm passed they were informed that their home had indeed flooded a second time. They were offered access to their property by boat where they found the roof to be the only identifying marker of their home. The Johnson family knew that their new renovation from Hurricane Matthew was a complete loss.

Weeks went by, the water receded and they discovered their home had been moved off its foundation and the house was unsalvageable. As they began looking through the remnants of their property the one thing they found still intact was… yes, you guessed it, their Wilmington Grill. It had been submerged in water for weeks and was discovered without rust or damage again and after purchasing a new regulator (the hose from the grill to the gas source) the grill worked perfectly.

So where are the Johnsons today? We are happy to report they are doing great. They are still using the same twice-flooded Wilmington Grill on a weekly bases but they do have a new home far from the flooded area. But to quote the Johnsons “a Wilmington Grill is the best investment we have ever made”.

Here at Wilmington Grill, we are encouraged when we hear amazing testimonials such as this. It’s why we do what we do every day. It also helps us remember that every grill made and sold has a person or a family attached to it and therefore every grill has a story.

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